Just Press Stop? A KEENER Blog

Hi, my name is KEENER! I'm a Producer/DJ based
out of Toronto, Canada. As a rabid fan of Electronic music, I wanted
to express my concern and also a possible call to action about music
and scene in which I love so much. Having seen Deadmau5 before he
put the mouse head on, Skillex before he signed to Mau5trap and super
agent Lee Anderson, A-Trak at the DMC regionals when he was only
15 years old and the mighty Tiesto and Richie Hawtin at warehouse
parties early on in their careers. I have seen many incarnations of
the electronic scene and an equal amount of ppl with amazing and
not so amazing performance skills.

As a longtime piano player, I have vivid memories
as a 9 year old playing boogie woogie piano in the demonic style of
Jerry Lee Lewis and scaring the living shit out the parents and
onlookers at our local annual Christmas recital.
(in a house of god no less...lol) I relished the feeling that brought
and also the sense of youthful disaffection from being banned from
all further recitals in the near future. Good or bad, I had struck
a chord with the audience. A glorious chord being blasted on a
100,000 watt system coming from a Tech 12 record player!

Flashing forward to today, the current state of
the EDM industry demands stellar light shows, killer visuals and a
fist pumping, tabling standing enthusiasm that Pauly D himself would
be enamored of. What does this all mean? What's the point of this
self indulgent diatribe? The point is to pose questions? Should DJ
skills and performance matter? Should these producers just press
stop? Deadmau5 in his "Just Press Play" blog illustrated that even
a 3 year old could beat match and why should it matter if you play
a pre-recorded set or not...Would you go to see a real band if they
played a CD and lip synced and fake played their instruments on
stage? Does Avicii have a point when says, its just bitter oldskool DJ's
who are trying to get a piece of the spotlight that care? Has the beat
matching and performance oriented DJ been replaced by a stellar light
show and killer visuals? Do the kids of today even give a shit?

In the haze of marketing noise, false hype and an
over saturated EDM scene. It's hard to know which way is up. At
the same time, the basic rules of performance are still the same!
How do we as artists connect with people and strike our own chord
on stage? Can a performance such as my Jerry Lee Lewis impression
be enough to captivate an audience without a light show and visuals?
Is skill becoming a forgone conclusion? Can an artist do a skillful
performance and have a killer light show without being a slave
to light cues and synced visuals? As a real musician, real producer
and real DJ, I look forward to tackling these questions in future blogs
plus many, many more!

Distortedly yours,

S O U N D  C L O U D 


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